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i’ve read a couple of things by salah hassan and it seems like he’s always eager to address the history of sudan (egyptian rule, british conquest, independence etc) but then he’ll reduce the conflict between the north and south to a sentence or two as if 39+ years of war is just whatever. okayyy thank you for erasing our narrative again and again.


mounted african swallowtail/collage (bena lulua statue, congo) shadowbox frame

apparently you’re supposed to put a pesticide strip or moth ball granules around the frame so microscopic critters dont eat your butterfly which i still havent done but this was a cheap/easy project. the butterfly was $3 and frame was $6 and i would a post a link to thebugroom’s etsy page but i think he recently closed shop. you basically just have to relax it in damp paper towels for 2 days then press on it’s thorax/slowly spread out the wings, pin it down, let it dry for 2 more days then mount it.




she think she me

mary I literally thought this was you for a second

ok that makes me giddy

idk why i still follow pitchfork on fb those jaded yt hipsters really irritate me all they do is complain about every post

paraman tot is such a doll!
can’t keep track of all these south sudanese bae’s

bought sage incense
can’t wait to take a long shower and relax im really sad about ferguson and ataui



My face feat. makeup by the IMMACULATE Jupiter Rouge.